Recommended Wagyu Japanese Beef!The izakaya in shinjuku “ Oedo-Ayatori “ Appropriating Robatayaki is the best one.


IZakaya which is well known for its poshness and stylish.


TEL 03-6380-2632

Business hours 17:00~23:00



WaMall Kabukicho 6F, Kabukicho 1-18-9, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


In the middle of Shinjuku, in front of the Godzilla, I’ve heard of the stylish restaurant which would be perfect for your date with your love.

It’s called “ Oed-Ayatori” that’s named after Tokyo of the Edo period and game of the childhood to reminds you of the time that you’ve gone through.
I’d imagined that the places like robatayaki have a popularity of middle-aged man and is quite smoky, but literally not!
I thought that’s cool! ok, I’d like to give a shot to have a nice one with my husband to just enjoy it together!

Once we got off the elevator, we were welcomed by great sorts of “nihonsyu” even my husband who love them and familiar with had got to be like “Wow!”. Also, they had real cherry blossom trees which made us feel so happy to be.

Going inside and once I passed under the shop curtain, I was blown away by the scene I was just seeing. It’s amazingly stylish and you’ve never thought it’d be there in the middle of Shinjuku. Cozy atmosphere, authentic food and drinks for people around would sure be amazed foreigners even Japanese.

Let’s say it’s “Japanese modern”.
That’s what I can see everywhere such as the ramps to light up the private rooms and fusuma which is a sliding door used in the houses in Japan to partition off rooms. I’d love to add that displays to my house.
Entire time once I got the seat,I could not stop but looking around nor rumbling “ Kawaii..!”
It’s very stylish and fancy as a restaurant.

Wow! look at that! Reservation note is stuck in origami shaped a tsuru!

When we about to sit down our table, the guy in front of us said “irassyaimase” which means welcome lively to welcome us.
Then he manipulated big old rice paddle on his hand reaching toward us to get me a hand towel on it!
What an entertainer! I think it’s not only stylish but also entertaining to bring us more joy.

Here, we were enjoyed individual dishes , but for tonight, we have decided to have a full corse meal that I was told it was a recommendation.

Today’s corse menu
“Japanese Black Wagyu fillet steak
-KIWAMI corse “

It has got an appetizer which is popular, then robatayaki that food cooked on a grill in front of the customers, plus, we could not be any happier with Japanese Black Wagyu(A4-ranked) as well!
Speaking of which drinks, it will cost you 1,600 yen all you can drink in 90 minuets. Including premium beers and great sorts of fruit wine. Also, if you are interested in Japanese sake, you’d add more money to try 10 kinds of them which is awesome. I’d prefer all you can drink corse for sure when I feel like drinking with meals.

Kicking off with beer. The glass is so thin that you can taste it so much better.


The first dish I’ve got is their specialty “ Potatoes of the rock”

That plate we’re about to have looked like “ rocks in the Japanese garden” which includes actually a round potato looked just like rocks besides it on the plate. We ‘re supposed to have it with little salt. Although I’ve seen the dish since I researched this shop, my husband didn’t. So, I was so excited to see how he’d react with the rocks thing. I was giggling to see him to choose the eatable one ( the fact was he chose the wrong one which was a rock ! haha )

The point is potshots on the plate are too resemble to recognize the one which is the real one to eat. That’s been so fun.
And it was not only for fun but tasty as an appetizer.
Personally, I loved to have it with a little bit of salt and butter which decorated as ripples. That stood out of the sweetness of the potato.

See? It’s so yellow like sweet potatoes. yum.

There’s so much to see!
An incredible entertainment.

Next dish was a colorful salad, then they offered us a soup to warm our stomachs up a little before having a very first sake in a while.
It was called “ Mimuro-sugi Hanakyun” which’s got Sakura leaves all over the label , which was a mach with Sakura trees as we came into the restaurant.
Also my highlight was they let me choose a favorite sake cup from bunch of little cups they have!I do not know why it makes me so thrilled to do. Anyway , I loved my one .

The best part of having sake in the restaurant is choosing sake cup, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, next dish has arrived.
“ sakizuke, ha-sun “  which I do not think that you are not familiar with .
The sakizuke is equivalent to an ‘appetizer’ in kaiseki cuisine.
The ha-sun is an assortment that is a chef’s selection of five or six small bites.

Can you see the picture below?
It’s so beautiful. I see twisted like a ribbon which’s a ceremonial paper string used to tie presents called “Mizuhiki” in Japanese. Every bites I had was amazing and it made me feel I was Japanese. (yes mum)  Thinking about next bite to take a moment is it just therapeutic.

Speaking of “Mimuro-sugi Hanakyun” that I was having. It is categorized as a coloudy sake. Most types of this sake are cloudy due to their dregs, therefore, they are also called happo nigori-zake (sparkling cloudy sake) or kassei nigori-zake (active cloudy sake).
A rich aroma of sake and freshness can be sufficiently given. It’s almost like wine. In ha-sun, there are cheese and raw ham which go so well with winey flavor just like I’m having. Even If you are not a big fan of sake, that’d be fine!

The house with thatched roof and the rabbit are attached together like a lid and opening the lid, you can see entire dish inside.

Finally, here it came, “Robata-Yaki” which is a Japanese‐style barbecue cooked in front of customers.
We ordered skewered one.
Beginning with Chicken thigh from date district. Once I had it in my mouth, it melt and almost no need to chew. Umami and fatty chicken made me feel as if I was in heaven. I was going to order the extra skewers… but decided to try some vegetables one with wasabi. Yes. They were tasty and little crispy.

What I found interesting was how they served the skewers! I have never expected to be brought to us on a big old rice paddle!! It was like really really big one so that everyone includes us was busy taking pictures. haha

Having watched chef’s cooking just in front of us with my sake, I saw big and beautiful chicken steak about to grill over charcoal fire. I thought it’d be delicious as well if they cooked beef steaks on there… how excited!


Tada!! Japanese Black Wagyu Staeak(A4-ranked)

While I’m waiting my beef cooked, I ordered an another sake called “hioki-zakura” to soak in the cherry blossoms again.

Once they got out of the refrige, just so cool as an ice and tasted clean and fresh, but as time went by talking with my husband, the flavor has changed to smooth and creamy.
Also, once again I was honourably able to pick my sake cup! Once gain, I was happy.
This is kind of “omotenashi” Which means hospitality.

Here it comes ! It was the main dish of the corse “ Japanese Black Wagyu Steak”!
It was raised in Miyagi prefecture and A5-ranked as well. I’ve always imagined that a slice of the steak would be kind of just anything but thick and simple.
It was not ! It was decorated with little leaf and wasabi with it. They made steak stood out. Beautiful and fancy .
Honestly, we clapped hands together for it. (Not a joke!)

Mine was on the red plate but my husband was on the blue one! You know they were cute to see like a couple.

You know what, I loved how it cooked. It was not too rare or over cooked which was perfect. The oil from the beef was melting, crisp of the outside was nice. The best part was a little salt sprinkled to it.
No doubt that we could not stop eating it.
Basically, there are supposed to put one or two slides of the beef in fancy restaurant, but they had more than double!! Yes. Hands down… if you’d like to try another seasoning, it’s got wasabi, ponzu which is made of soy sauce and citrus juices and miso on the plate, so switch them to try. We have been speechless and just enjoyed it for a moment to the end .

Can you see little mount of miso on the top? This miso was a bit spicy but tasted great! Bright up my street…

We had been taking all in for a moment.
Then another tasty dish has arrived to our table. it was “ grilled crab with crab miso on the shell”.
You remember “ hioki-zakura” I have been drinking . That was the best combo.
Besides, we did not have to share crab, because they served us one for each.
So no worries, and enjoy your one.

The bestie of Japanese sake

Place mat which’s painted Mt.Fuji
And I can see Mt.Fuji again on the bottom of the glass!

Ok, then we enjoyed crab so much. After having it, that’s the another main dish, sushi, even got Wagyu beef sushi as well! A slice of the beef on the rice are bigger than I thought  and happy enough to try.

I love fish. Just I had a good time eating sushi very much.

Lastly, they served little desert which has got a Black sesame pudding .
Not too sweet or too big, just perfect size for our tummy. My husband had them all for like three second!

This is all for two of us.

Little box for pudding looks fancy.

We were satisfied with all dishes we’ve got.

After all, having meal as a corse was a good choice for two adults with good old sake. Even if you throw a dinner with boy friends , they’d be happy.

Lots of great decisions, tasty food, big old paddles, fancy plates and food service
cannot be forgetting.
Next time when I planned some dinner or small party around Shinjuku, I’d be sure to come here again to make my lovers and family happy.


TEL 03-6380-2632

Business hours 17:00~23:00



WaMall Kabukicho 6F, Kabukicho 1-18-9, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo